Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whirlpool White Front Load Washer WFW8300SW

Product Description

Introducing the Whirlpool Duet Sport washer. It's time to get serious about conserving not only space, but water and energy too. This washer combines a contemporary front-load design and large capacity with the flexibility of a compact frame. Enjoy this front-loading washer's deep cleaning performance and save as much as 2/3 the water and energy consumed by traditional top-loading washers. The Duet Sport's fabric care system combines two powerful technologies combine for one powerful clean. The Anti-Escape valve ensures the maximum concentration of detergent, while the Care Control System keeps temps optimal for detergent enzymes.

Customer Reviews

I purchased my matching washer and dryer at sears and have this exact model. First I have to say this was not my first choice as I tend to want to purchase the "cadillac" of every home appliance. However financially I had to be slightly more modest with my selection. I am amazed with this machine and pleasantly suprised!!
-It is EXTREMELY QUIET and the loudest part is at the end when it is spinning out the water, it kind of sounds like a quietly-muffled jet
-On the very first wash I did my CLOTHES CAME OUT 3 TIMES BRIGHTER than my last regular top loader.
-Oh!! And it BARELY USES WATER....It turns to the right then the left coating the clothes with the detergent water until it saturates them completely. Then it begins the washing process where it turns several times to the right and then to the left all the while it basically beats the clothes against the drum as it turns..Kind of reminds me of the old times when people would wash their clothes in the creek and beat them against the rocks. :) It is such a simple concept and yet it tooks so long to get here!
-The other thing I like is the detergent has 3 places to put your detergent, bleach and softener and then you walk away, no going back to add the softener.
-Another thing I noticed is that when the spinning process is complete the drum turns a few more times to the right and left to loosen the clothes from the sides...they come out of the washer fluffed and easy to keep wrinkle-free.
I haven't found anything yet that I don't like about this washer....I am a hard person to please and I am tickled pink with this! :)

So Far, So Good4
I need to qualify my comments by indicating that we purchased the unit from Lowe's (Model # WFW8300SW) JUST a couple weeks ago... but so far, so good. Got 10% off so it was around $720 before tax and extended warranty. Unexpectedly had to replace my 12-year old top-loading Maytag. But maybe for the best considering its capacity. Previously clothes would pile up in a hurry with our 6-person household; resulting in mildewed/moldy clothes (read RUINED) and an overwhelmed stay-at-home wife/mom. Now we (OK, my wife) can pound out 2-3 loads a day and stay up to speed with the dirty laundry we produce daily.

--Anticipated Durability (Consumer Reports indicates Whirlpool has lowest repair-rate for front-loaders.
--Super clean (and pretty dry) clothes.
--SGreen: supposedly consumes way less water and electricity than top-loaders (too little experience to say for sure).

--Hecho en Mexico. Is anything made in the States anymore?? (at least it's closer than China). A lot of Americans out of work/make less money so that Whirlpool can make more $$$. Such is life I guess. Jumping off my soapbox now.
--Out-of-the-box warranty is short-lived... but that's common now among washers (refer to Consumer Reports for more on this).

Best Washer I've owned5
I love my Whirlpool Duet Sport WFW8300SW (3.4 capacity) Front Loading washer and I'd recommend it to everyone I know. After several major brands turned into duds, Whirlpool and Kenmore are the only brands I trust for major appliances.

Features I love:

I don't have to guess the amount of water to use for the size of my load. This machine has an auto water level that adjusts to the size of the load. Since there is no agitator, my washer has increased in capacity. I can put more clothes in ...... up to 10 pairs of jeans! This model will let me add a garment during the 1st 7 minutes of a cycle before the door remains locked. I can choose from 3 spin speeds, 3 water temps, and I can add an extra rinse. The 7 preset cycles seem good enough to me but I'm happy I can make adjustments if needed. I love the quietness of this washer. I actually enjoy the sound of the gentle tumbling in and out of the water. My laundry feels softer and smells better despite that I'm using just 1/3 the recommended amount of fabric softener. An added bonus is that I will get a $100 rebate from my water company for buying this water-saving machine. I wish I could justify buying the matching dryer but my old dryer runs perfectly. Maybe in the future............

Some things to consider if you're torn between top loading and front loading washers:

Top Load Washer Advantages:

They're cheaper.

Wash cycles are shorter.

You don't have to bend down to get your clothes out of the washer.

You can add an article of clothing at any time.

Top Load Disadvantages:

They use a lot of water, more energy to operate, and are hard on your clothes. The agitator is a brutal device that basically "beats" your clothes while drowning them. This is very hard on fabrics, particularly dark clothes, delicates and sweaters (I did see one top loader without an agitator but read that these machines do not achieve the greatest wash results).

They are LOUD and can become unbalanced fairly easily.

No ENERGY STAR models.

They house a lot more machinery, which can mean more repairs.

Front Load washer advantages:

Much less water used - 14 to 20 gallons vs. up to 44 gallons in top load machines. Front loading machine drums are on a horizontal axis. They only use enough water to cover approximately the lower third of the tub while your clothes are tumbled up and around, in and out of the water.

They use 67% less electricity and gas. They have less mechanical gear so they don't have to work as hard.

Gentler on your clothes. The drum has no agitator so your clothes will not get whipped around and stretched.

Cleans better. The clothes are drawn through the water, not the water through the clothes.

The spin cycle is twice as fast as top loaders, which leads to less time in the dryer. So far I've noticed this results in 10-15 minutes less dryer time which equals more savings in energy. Also, there is now considerably less lint in the lint trap after each load.

Less water = less detergent, less softener, less bleach.

Not having an agitator gives 25-30% more space for larger loads.


Longer wash cycles.

Excessive soap suds can create problems for the machine. I am supposed to buy a special soap labeled HE - High efficiency. Apparently many major brands sell this detergent but I haven't purchased it yet. I have tons of regular detergent and simply use 2/3 less.

I have to bend down to put in and remove laundry. (Whirlpool makes a matching pedestal with a drawer. Pricey, but it's an option.)

I can't soak laundry overnight since the water doesn't cover the clothes. I suppose I could soak in a bucket if needed.

I have to run the "clean" cycle with chlorine bleach once a month. It is important to do because mildew can occur due to the air-tight seal on the front door. I should leave the door ajar after each load but this could be dangerous with cats around.

Now it's up to you to decide.

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